Ranking the Monster Squad Villains

One of the coolest movies to utilize the legacy of the Universal Monsters was The Monster Squad, a 1987 film which was the first to mix the villains together since the 1940s. And, in a list that I figured sounded unique enough, I decided to rank each of the monsters. Let’s begin, shall we?

5. Frankenstein’s Monster

Although he probably has the most time onscreen out of all the monsters, I put him in last place simply because he turns into one of the good guys. Yeah, that should make him more “likeable”, but that doesn’t make him a very good monster.

4. The Mummy

His heart, or whatever remained of his heart, was in the right place but he just wasn’t a very good monster either. At least his (way too easy) death scene was entertaining enough. Thank you for that much, Imhotep (I’m assuming).

3. The Creature

This guy probably got the least amount of screen time out of all of the monsters, but the design was easily the coolest. There’s little left in common with the original Creature from the Black Lagoon design, but it doesn’t matter because he looks cool as hell.

2. The Wolfman

I love werewolves and this was a really cool one. The scene where they blow him up with dynamite but he pieces himself back together because it wasn’t a silver bullet was really creative and something I don’t think any other werewolf films have done.

1. Count Dracula

Who didn’t see this one coming? This portrayal of Dracula is easily one of the best in cinema. Which says something considering this was a kids movie, but still, the portrayal was fantastic and I only wish we could’ve seen more of it.

There you have it – my ranking of the villains from The Monster Squad. What a cool group of monsters, just a shame they were so under-utilized. I bet each of them could have very easily had their own standalone films. Oh well, at least we’ll have the classic versions.

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