Ranking the Blade Trilogy

The Blade trilogy is perhaps my favorite superhero franchise of any kind. Granted, this is probably because I’m not too big on superheroes, but what can you do? Blade is based on the character of the same name from Marvel comics, who was both human and vampire and took to the streets fighting off the vampire plague. Which, if you can’t tell already, is a lot different than most superheroes.

The movie adaptations are also different than most superhero adaptations, as they were rated R and felt more like your average vampire film but with the addition of extra action. So, without waiting any further, let’s get to the ranking:

3. Blade: Trinity

I know a lot of people hate this movie, and I don’t at all – I love it. I just love the other two more. From my understanding the reason so many people hate it is because the appearance of Dracula was underwhelming, but I thought the character was amusing enough and definitely had his fair share of cool scenes. So it works for me.

2. Blade

I also know a lot of people who would consider this the best of the trilogy. And, in a lot of ways, it is. But it’s not my favorite so it’s going with spot number two. It did a lot to modernize the character, however, and really saved the superhero genre from its downfall (which unfortunately led to a different kind of downfall if you ask me.) At least we’ll always have Stephen Dorff’s memorable appearance as Frost.

1. Blade II

Finally, I know a lot of people who would probably agree with this one too. Gee, I’m falling into all sorts of predictability with this post, aren’t I? In any case, Blade II is definitely one of the coolest vampire films to be made. Aside from the awesome action sequences, the film really shakes things up with vampire lore and introduces a lot of new twists and turns that make this the sequel to Blade what Empire Strikes Back was to Star Wars.

Hopefully Marvel will take its chances and churn out another rated R Blade film. I know most people are into Netflix series these days, and that would be cool too, but there’s something about having a nice little movie to enjoy that I like more than a five-hundred hour long show.

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