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Leatherface and His Family Return in Full Length Fan Film ‘Dog Will Hunt’!

I’ve always loved the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. There was something about the rural landscapes, Leatherface’s creepy personality, and his zany family which always kept me coming back for more. Unfortunately with the series’ lack of continuity, the only real sequel is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Continue reading

A New Re-Animator in the Works?

It’s been years since House of Re-Animator was announced. The film was going to be a follow-up to Stuart Gordon and Bryan Yuzna’s fantastic Re-Animator trilogy. These films starred Jeffrey Combs as mad scientist Herbert West; who just so happens to have a penchant for re-animating the dead. Continue reading

New ‘Death House’ Trailer!

Death House is set to be the self-proclaimed “Expendables of Horror” with its seemingly endless cast of genre icons. Directed by B. Harrison Smith, he explains that the film “is an embrace of the convention crowds and old school horror fans while delivering a cool, fresh new story for a younger generation of horror fans who may not recognize all of these classic names.” Furthermore, he realizes how much horror fans love practical FX, which is why he promises, “…one practical effect that will rival the chest burster scene in ‘Alien’.” Continue reading

New Tremors Series Coming to Amazon?!

There’s been all sorts of TV series talk since Tremors: Bloodlines renewed interest in the franchise, and Kevin Bacon has just revealed some new updates Continue reading

Trick ‘r Treat to Become a Trilogy?!

Michael Dougherty, the creator of Trick ‘r Treat, was recently part of an interview to promote the new digital Sam Halloween decorations. During the interview he was asked about the progress of the film’s sequel, which was announced nearly three years ago, and he had this to say: Continue reading

Ash Williams for President!

“Let’s Make America Groovy Again…”

It looks like Starz is really having fun with their new Evil Dead series, and came up with an entire marketing plan to promote Ash William’s presidential campaign. From their official press release: Continue reading

Friday the 13th Lawsuit

According to Bloody-Disgusting,

“A federal court in Connecticut is about to host a lawsuit that will determine who owns the rights to the franchise. The case is between Victor Miller, the writer of the original film, and Horror, Inc. and the Manny Company, who claim that Miller’s script was done as a ‘work-made-for-hire’.” Continue reading

Official ‘Rings’ Trailer Released!

The Ring franchise began with The Ring in 2002, itself an American remake of the Japanese film Ringu. And although the Ringu franchise has branched out particularly well in Japan, the American counterpart has been dead since 2005’s The Ring Two.

That is, until a third installment titled Rings was announced. And today we have our first official trailer. So, check it out along with the official plot below: Continue reading

Dawn of the Dead Newly Remastered in 4K!

George A. Romero’s 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead will be receiving an all-new 4K transfer! It’ll be screened during this year’s Venice Film Festival, on September 2nd during the festival’s run from August 31st to September 10th. Continue reading

‘The Lost Boys’ is Getting a TV Series!

According to Deadline, The CW is adapting The Lost Boys, a classic 1987 vampire film, as a new series for TV. Written by Veronica Mars and iZombie creator Rob Thomas, the show is being planned for a run of about seven seasons in an anthology-styled format. Continue reading

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