Month: November 2017

Joe Hill’s TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE Reboot Should’ve Been Made

As a kid I would consume any horror movie or series I’d be able to get my hands on. By the time I saw Tales from the Darkside on TV for the first time, I was hooked.

All it took was that intro. You know the one, written by the great George A. Romero himself. Continue reading

George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead DEMANDS New Release

This has been on my mind almost endlessly since before George Romero died, and even more so since. The man created the modern zombie and forced them almost brutally into popular culture with his 1978 sequel DAWN OF THE DEAD. With such an iconic title, plot, and impact on cinema, one would think the film would be rather easy to acquire. But actually, it isn’t. The film has been out of print for quite some time. Continue reading

You Can’t Kill Brain Mutant: A Horror Blogger’s Return

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted an article on this, my official Brain Mutant website. This is about to change – and not just with this new post, but expect plenty more articles in the coming days. Continue reading