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Remembering Wes Craven: One Year Later

Whether it was the mainstream A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream, or his grindhouse flicks Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes, Wes Craven was one of those directors who made at least one film everyone loved. Continue reading

Trick ‘r Treat to Become a Trilogy?!

Michael Dougherty, the creator of Trick ‘r Treat, was recently part of an interview to promote the new digital Sam Halloween decorations. During the interview he was asked about the progress of the film’s sequel, which was announced nearly three years ago, and he had this to say: Continue reading

A New Beginning by Wolfie’s Just Fine

Friday the 13th: Part V: A New Beginning is one of my favorite entries in the franchise. I know a lot of people hate it because Jason isn’t the killer (plot twist!) but I think it has a lot to offer. Not only is it the most grindhouse-esque of the bunch, but up until that point, it has the most kills of the franchise and some of the most memorable characters. These weren’t just your average teenagers – a lot of the characters in the film have so many different conflicts and issues that make them unique amidst not just the franchise but film in general. Continue reading

Ash Williams for President!

“Let’s Make America Groovy Again…”

It looks like Starz is really having fun with their new Evil Dead series, and came up with an entire marketing plan to promote Ash William’s presidential campaign. From their official press release: Continue reading

Friday the 13th Lawsuit

According to Bloody-Disgusting,

“A federal court in Connecticut is about to host a lawsuit that will determine who owns the rights to the franchise. The case is between Victor Miller, the writer of the original film, and Horror, Inc. and the Manny Company, who claim that Miller’s script was done as a ‘work-made-for-hire’.” Continue reading

Ranking the Monster Squad Villains

One of the coolest movies to utilize the legacy of the Universal Monsters was The Monster Squad, a 1987 film which was the first to mix the villains together since the 1940s. And, in a list that I figured sounded unique enough, I decided to rank each of the monsters. Let’s begin, shall we? Continue reading

Ranking the Blade Trilogy

The Blade trilogy is perhaps my favorite superhero franchise of any kind. Granted, this is probably because I’m not too big on superheroes, but what can you do? Blade is based on the character of the same name from Marvel comics, who was both human and vampire and took to the streets fighting off the vampire plague. Which, if you can’t tell already, is a lot different than most superheroes.

The movie adaptations are also different than most superhero adaptations, as they were rated R and felt more like your average vampire film but with the addition of extra action. So, without waiting any further, let’s get to the ranking: Continue reading

Ranking the Segments of Creepshow

Creepshow is one of my all-time favorite anthology films, and is it hard to guess why? It marks the collaboration between three of the horror genre’s greatest creative minds – director George A. Romero, writer Stephen King, and special effects artist Tom Savini. And this film definitely shows off their talents in the most spectacular way possible; as an homage to the EC horror comics of the 1950s. It doesn’t get any better than this, folks.

And so I thought it would be fun to take a look at the different segments and rank them accordingly. Continue reading

Official ‘Rings’ Trailer Released!

The Ring franchise began with The Ring in 2002, itself an American remake of the Japanese film Ringu. And although the Ringu franchise has branched out particularly well in Japan, the American counterpart has been dead since 2005’s The Ring Two.

That is, until a third installment titled Rings was announced. And today we have our first official trailer. So, check it out along with the official plot below: Continue reading

LaserDisc Finds!

It would be putting it lightly to say that I love going to thrift stores. Because I really, really love going to thrift stores. You never know what you might find, and although you can easily be met with a desolate wasteland of useless items, there’s always that chance of striking gold. And today I did just that. Continue reading

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